Dek Gard FRT



Dek Gard FRT was designed to provide protection for your home and property
from the ravages of wildfire. With Dek Gard FRT, you can add a layer of protection to your home.

The State Fire Marshall (CSFM) has adopted Dek Gard FRT for this particular requirement. Dek Gard FRT was tested to the tougher class "A" exposure and passed. This test was FOUR times more stringent than the CSFM class “B” standard required.

You can be confident in using Dek Gard FRT to provide a layer of protection for your wood structures.

Product Details

12 oz (volume), 16 oz (weight)
• Tested to class A brand
• Meets CSFM 12-7A-4.8 Part B for the WUI Code
• Easy to Apply
• Mixes with Oil or Water Based Stains
• Protect your Deck from Flying Embers, Spilled BBQs, Fireworks
• Tested at a CSFM and ICC approved Testing Lab

Why Dek Gard FRT?

Dek Gard FRT is the easy to use solution that can help you protect your investment.

DEK GARD FRT Mixes with Oil or Water Based Stains

Dek Gard FRT’s patented chemistry mixes with your stain to add fire protection to your wood deck and siding.

PH Balanced Formula Does Not Cause Rust

It is PH balanced to not corrode or cause metallic fasteners to rust or fail.

Zero Threat to Environmental Surroundings

In its raw non-blended form, it has no carbon footprint. Dek Gard FRT can be cleaned with warm tap water.